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SpectroSeal is The Next
Generation of Glue!

It Outperforms Super Glue and it’s Much Easier to Work With!


Innovative Features Leave Traditional Glues in the Dust!

SpectroSeal isn’t any ordinary glue - it’s a revolutionary liquid plastic welder that only hardens when you expose it to the included UV flashlight. Once you do, it will harden into one of the toughest bonds that can be created by science!

Dentists have used this kind of liquid weld to bond the most demanding dental appliances for years. Designed for dental applications where an unbreakable bond is an absolute must, this space-aged bonding polymer is finally available to the public at an affordable price!

SpectroSeal creates an instant and permanent bold with a holding power 50X STRONGER than traditional glues and adhesives. And best of all, its seal is never set until the exact moment that YOU decide to make it stick! You’ll NEVER have to deal with annoying glues that make a huge mess and stick your fingers together.


Introducing SpectroSeal

3-icon1Squeezable Dispenser Mechanism

Simply squeeze the syringe to apply a precise amount of UV-curable glue.

3-icon1Durable Plastic Housing

Waterproof and durable enough to take with you anywhere

3-icon1No-Mess Tip

Precision tip allows you do dispense glue neatly and accurately.

3-icon3 Removable Cap Doubles as UV Light

The one-time purchase ensures better WiFi without additional monthly ISP bills.

3-icon3 Glue-Setting UV Light Source

Emits a powerful beam of UV light that hardens and solidifies the SpectroSeal glue, instantly.

3-icon3 Pushbutton for UV Light Source

Recessed button makes it easy to use the UV Light Source.

What Makes SpectroSeal Superior to Glue?

SpectroSeal is the modern, polymer-based bonding solution that outperforms all tradition glues and sealants! It is the first UV-curing adhesive available that can bond, build, fill, or fix virtually anything you can throw at it!

SpectroSeal’s UV curing technology takes just five seconds to go from liquid to a hard-as-rock seal. The seal hardens only when you want it to. You have complete control over the hardening process, unlike with other glues that harden as soon as they’re exposed to air.

SpectroSeal won’t get your fingers stuck together like Super Glue because it won’t cure until you apply the UV light beam! And many traditional glues, SpectroSeal can handle extreme heat, cold, and exposure to water with ease.

How To Use SpectroSeal


Apply glue to surface you want bonded.


Flash the glue with the included UV light.


That’s it! Your item is permanently bonded!


  • tickStrongest strength bond
  • tickNo mess or stuck-together fingers
  • tickWorks on any material
  • tickDries when YOU choose it to
  • tickCompletely non-toxic

Other Glues

  • noneSecond-rate bonding power
  • noneMakes mess, gets fingers stuck together
  • noneOnly works on certain materials
  • noneDries either too quickly or too slowly
  • noneContains industrial chemicals

Guaranteed High Quality

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

No-Hassle Returns

SpectroSeal rapidly makes
repairs on nearly any material that
will hold for life.

Quick & Convenient

Designed to be used straight out of the box with minimal setup or frustration.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

What Do Real People Have to Say About SpectroSeal?

Booth H.
Las Vegas, NV

I’ve made so many repairs using my SpectroSeal I must have saved myself a thousand bucks! From the power adapter for my smartphone to my broken pair of reading glasses, SpectroSeal really does the trick.

Logan H.
Memphis, TN

SpectroSeal has earned its place in every handyman’s toolkit. I don’t have time to mess around, I need my glue to work right on the first time, every time. SpectroSeal does exactly what I need – the UV light lets me harden the glue exactly when I need to – not a moment before, not a moment after.

Paul K.
Kansas City, MO

I repair a lot of items around the home, and SpectroSeal makes my job a thousand times easier. And I love the fact that the SpectroSeal applicator never gets clogged up or dried out! Do you know how many times I’ve gone to use my Super Glue, only to find the bottle hopelessly and permanently dried out and unusable? That never happens with SpectroSeal!

Leslie B.
Tulsa, OK

It’s hard to believe what a powerful hold this stuff has. It looks just like water going on, but then you hit it with the UV light. BOOM! Suddenly it’s hard as a rock! I don’t know how it works, but I do know it’s the best all-purpose sealant I’ve used in years. In sunlight, rain, snow, or whatever, SpectroSeal has never let me down!