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Blast the Heat Away
Wherever You Go

The Blast Personal Fan creates an
icy-cold bubble that works even on
the hottest days!

Blast the Heat Away
Wherever You Go

The Blast Personal Fan creates an
icy-cold bubble that works even on the hottest days!

Staying Cool All Summer Has Never Been This Easy

Beating the heat is effortless when you’ve got a Blast Personal Fan. This portable cooler provides targeted cooling action that you can take anywhere. You’ll never break into a sweat again, even when you’re away from your trusty home AC! Plus, the Blast Personal Fan’s got a lightweight, flexible design that makes it comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

The Blast Personal Fan also lets you customize your cooling experience thanks to its 3 fan speeds and adjustable air vents. Best of all, this wearable fan saves money and energy. It’s much more efficient than an air conditioner, AND it gives you up to 30 hours of runtime on a single charge. Perfect for staying cool anywhere you go!


the Blast Personal Fan

Its 100% cordless operation makes the Blast Personal Fan perfect for go-getters like you! You can count on it to provide heat relief wherever your day takes you.
Choose a fan speed and adjust the air blades to get the best cooling experience.
The streamlined design makes the Fan light enough to wear for hours, while Flex Fit makes this personal cooler fit perfectly around your neck.
Save money on air conditioning bills! Unlike an electricity-zapping AC, the Blast Personal Fan focuses its cooling power on you – not an entire room.
Get up to 30 hours runtime on a single charge. The Blast Personal Fan effectively cools you down and uses energy efficiently, so you can count on it even on the longest, hottest summer days!

Get the Ultimate Cooling Experience!


• 3 fan speeds

• Adjustable air blades


• Flex Fit (one size fits all)

• Lightweight design


• Up to 30 hours runtime

• Rechargeable with long battery life

Thousands of Users Have Been Blown Away by

This Personal Cooler!

Janine K.
Ogden, UT
SO CONVENIENT! I literally just have to wear it, flick the switch, and I’m good to go. Honestly, I sometimes forget that I’m wearing it… until I see other people sweating or fanning themselves. Since it’s hands-free, I can even carry groceries or walk my dog, and it’ll still cool me down.
William B.
San Jose, CA
This is the first wearable fan I’ve tried and I know I won’t ever get any other brand. The fan speeds and adjustable air vents are great. The battery seems to last forever, too.
Diana G.
Pensacola, FL
Better than the other wearable coolers I’ve tried (and I’ve gone through a few). Material seems sturdy, and I hope it’ll last longer than the others. Battery lasts long enough for someone like me who likes to use a fan everyday.
Jordan F.
Baton Rouge, LA
Surprisingly light and doesn’t hurt my head or neck even if I’ve been using it the whole day. Beats having to use the AC, too. I actually got this as a gift and never thought I’d end up using it this much. Overall, a nice surprise and I would recommend it to others.
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